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Pictures of EV Chargers

In January 2011, Rich Cooper visited the Detroit Auto Show where he took the following photographs of EV Chargers.  Thank you Rich for wonderful photographs.  He reported that there were over a dozen types of EV Chargers on display along with a number of electric cars.

EV Charger by VW

 EV Charger next to the VW Golf blue-e-motion


 Honda EV with a EV Charger with display

GM and DOE EV Charger

This is the charger which has been given away to 4000 Chevy Volt owners.  The charger is designed by Department of Energy and is being used to study the performance and use of EV Chargers.

Chevy Volt with EV Charger

Chevy Volt shown with EV Charger

Ford EV Charging Station

Compact EV Charging station exhibited by Ford.

GM Electric Car Charging Station

A compact electric car charging station offered by GM Voltec.

 EV Charger Home Installation

A simple level 1 electric car charger plugged into a 110 V outlet

Retail location installation of EV ChargerRetail location EV Charger. Suitable for drug stores, restaurants, grocery stores and malls.